Poly Child Care

Client Poly Child Care - Canada
Delivered Logo Design, Visual Layout
Creative field Branding
Poly is a child care service based in Toronto, Canada. The client hired me to craft a new logo and visual design solution for their brand. Thay really wished to see a little birdie as the brand symbol. After consultations, I helped them develop the initial idea and merging a hand and birdie in one symbol improved the concept.
Birdie in the hand now represents care as their main asset :)

As a part of the strategy, I followed brand personality and archetypes we defined together (Caregiver - Innocent - Safety). It also dictated which color scheme we gonna use.


What the client says

“Working with the KREDA team has been a dream. The level of professionalism was truly world-class. I especially appreciated the organized approach and detailed checklist used throughout the entire process. The experience of finding the perfect logo for our business was very enjoyable. Designs thoroughly impressed me with the volume of designs and their readiness to deliver a solution that worked for me.” 😍
Ivana - Director at Poly

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