Phoenix Consulting
Logo design

Client Phoenix Consulting (at Žiška Agency)
Delivered Logo & corporate identity, brand manual
Creative field Branding

I had burnt the paper with sketches and this birdie emerged from the ashes.

The task was to create a distinctive logo and branding for the Phoenix Consulting Agency. The challenge was to tame the Phoenix: how to combine a fiery, wild symbol with the grounded stability needed for a firm you could trust your finances with.

With the desire to avoid typical illustrative visual narrative, in this case consisting of wings, feathers, beak and claws, I looked for the simpler solution.  
PHNX_impression 1.jpg
Circles were the main tool in construction of the symbol which resulted in an elegant and stylized solution. I used them to simplify the sign and make it more applicable for different print and digital formats. The sign is a combination of initial letter P and a phoenix.
Bundle of circles later married statics and movement.

I also wanted more sophisticated typography, changed the spacing between characters and edited font. The final touch was painting the phoenix green: presenting freshness and a new life for your business.

"Only someone who has the power to regenerate themselves can consult you how to make your brand reborn."