Learning is
an endless play.

Client CRS
Delivered Logo, Stationery, Web design & Development,
Animations & Interactions
Creative field Branding identity, Digital, Programming

Learning is an endless play.

CRS is an IT agency focused on creating animated tutorials, explainer videos and animated courses for big companies. With CRS creative tuts, learning process is made easier and you know when to pause, stop, record and play.

Having in mind their business focus and the need to turn the process of learning into an interesting play, I created the lettermark logo idea that got its core and made the brand image more distinctive. In order to achieve the full effectiveness of the story behind the logo, I animated rec, stop, play and pause symbols. 


Book of brand standards

The main tasks of this project were to develop a website and brand’s visual identity that includes, logo, stationery, imagery, typography, merchandise and other standards united in one brand book. From the very beginning, CRS wanted to standardize their visual identity system, in order to have a consistent brand image worldwide. Created brand book presents a collection of guidelines with set standards and rules concerning the design and creation of a CRS brand image.
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