Hello! I am Ilija Vujovic, Art Director and Premium Freelancer

I work with two very close friends, Aesthetics and Function, from whom I am practically inseparable. We love to create immersive journeys of strategy and concept. Following our favourite routes - Digital & Branding - and guided by passion, we travel vigilantly but with no boundaries. We never embark on a journey without consulting other team members: Research, Brainstorming, Sketching and Designing. Our safe chauffer who drives us, and helps us choose right direction is Creativity.

Regardless you are a big company, startup or small business, I carefully craft design in order to solve your case and help you develop the next-generation brand.

I figure out how visually to tell the story and even before that, what your story is.

My focus is branding and web design, but multidiscipline gives me wider perspective in approach.

Website designSoftwares & appsLogo designIllustrationUX and UIBranding & identityTypographyStory-boardWeb developmentBrand book designPackaging DesignVideo presentation

Precious mileage I have gained through agency and freelance experiences.

Agency life: Yanbo Solution (USA), Žiska (Serbia), Kitchen Branding Prague (Czech)
Throughout agency and freelance ventures, I have worked with diverse international brands:

The Coca-Cola Company, WOAH, Unicredit Bank, Medigroup, ABL UK, CRS, Schweppes, Belgrade Waterfront, Thurston Morgan, Phoenix, Rio Grande, Imlek, Plazma, Fanta, Trius, M.Zumwalt, UTP Morava, Wanna Travel, Lusso Furniture, The Succes Plan, Sara Milevska, Agro invest

Awards & distinctions

• FWA - (Shortlisted)• Web Guru Award x2• CSS REEL Award • Horizon interactive award• SWA award loading more...